Assitej Israel

Assitej ISRAEL – is the Association for Theater for Children and Youth in Israel.

Assitej – is an International Organization of Artists and Theaters for Young People.
The Israeli branch was founded over fifty years ago by Mrs. Orna Porat, who was also one of the founders of the world organization.
The main goal of Assitej Israel is to promote the status of children’s theaters and artists in the theater for young people. Others include:

  • To promote the socio-cultural status of theaters and professional creators for young people in Israel, and to develop connections with Assitej centers around the world.
  • To constantly strive for recognition of the cultural establishment and the importance of this field of theater, and aim to obtain public support and financial resources.
  • To conduct conferences and unique events for members of the organization including guests from Israel and abroad, which deal with issues of aesthetics and the creation of theater art for young people.
  • To promote the status of creators, to focus on ethical issues, and to explore various processes and methods of work.
  • To encourage collaborations between creators and theaters resulting in new initiatives in the field of theater.
  • To establish connections with Assitej centers around the world and expose Israeli art for young people through participation in seminars, workshops, and congresses, and to promoting and expose plays from Israel to guests and festivals directors from abroad.

The Theater Stage Awards for Young People is one of Assitej Israel’s most notable initiatives celebrating artistic achievement annually since 2005.
This is a spectacular ceremony concluding the festival for parents and children where all the nominated plays are staged- culminating with prizes for excellence that are awarded to creators and actors involved in these productions.
The organization reports and shares with its over seventy members relevant activities in Israel and around the world, and continuously communicates to other International organizations through meetings and new media.
Assitej Israel is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

Dr. Razi Amitai
Chairman of Assitej Israel.