Ai!… Ouch!! …Ow!!!

Theater: Shelanu Theatre

Written and Directed by: Ronen Goldfarb; Set Design: Yuval Peled; Choreography: Maya Amitai; Costumes designed: Maor Zabor; Musical Direction: Liat Perlov; Musical Adaptations: Eldad Yaron

Age: 3-9

In a secret place, not far from here, lives a very special family -Mother Eva, and her children Aya, Ay, Ach and Ouch. This was the busiest family on earth,: whoever got hit -no matter how hard, they called out their name Aya! Ay! Ach! Ouch! Or Eva!! Whenever a cry was heard a member of the family came running-calling out their name to help magically heal every hit or bruise.

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Running Time: 50 minutes

Cast: Emilya Ravid; David Bilanka; Adi Eisenman; Roni Shoval; Aya Stiftel; Yaakov Tamari