Hanneke And Fiet

Theater: Mediatheque Theatre

Based on a book by Ran Cohen harounoff
Playwright: Lior Garti; Director: Noam Shmuel; Music: Amir Lekner; Stage Design: Zeev Levy; Costume Design: Aviah Bash; Video Art: Nimrod Zin; Lighting Design: Uri Morag; Assistant Director: Hadas Sher

Age: 3-9

Hanneke, a young Jewish girl, goes into hiding during World War II. The frightened little girl finds herself at the Amsterdam home of a brave family who takes her in. In her new adoptive home, she meets Fiet, who’s not very welcoming to her new roommate. Fiet does not understand who is this strange girl, where are her parents and why is her presence such a big secret? Slowly, the animosity between the two girls becomes a deep, once in a lifetime friendship that changes their lives forever.
Based on a true story

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Running Time: 65 minutes

Cast: Noa Har Zion; Keren Salant; Galia Petilon; Itzik Cohen; Itamar Shaked; Sivane Kretchner