Little Love Machine. (no Words)

Theater: Ornan Braier

Script, direction, design, music and performance: Ornan Braier; Animation: Hadar Landesberg; Costumes and accessories: Wally Mintzi; Artistic Advisor: Naomi Yoeli and Marit Benisrael

Age: 3-9

A magical machine serves as home for a lonely man, opens a secret door to the world of magic, rhythm and love. This morning began with a great misunderstanding and everything went wrong.
The play won “The best show” and “The best scenery” awards at the Haifa International Children’s Theatre Festival 2019
“Best Studio Theatre Program”, NOW FESTIVAL! – international festival and fair of performing arts for young audience in Shanghai. 2020

First VideoWatch the full show

Running Time: 40 Minutes

Cast: Ornan Braier