Einstein – The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Asking Questions

Written by: Yaara Reshef Nahor
Translation by: Tomer Jamie Shaw

Theater: Mediatheque Theatre

Directed by: Noam Shmuel; Dramaturgy: Ori Urian; Set Design: Zeev Levi; Costume Design: Avia Bash; Music: Tal Blecharovitch; Choreographer: Tom Applebaum; Video Art: Nimrod Tzin; Language and Speech: Margalit Gez; Lighting Design: Uri Morag; Assistant Director: Noa Ben-Ari; Scientific and Historic Consultants: Davidson Institute of Science Education, Rehovot; The Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Age: 8-14

The story of Albert Einstein, the curious and rebellious German boy who became the world’s most famous scientist, changing the face of science forever. Albert Einstein wasn’t always considered a “genius”, as a child he was considered strange, constantly asking questions no one could understand, irritating and even angering his teachers. Albert found it difficult to adapt to the strict German education methods at school, and often got in trouble with his teachers. He was beginning to feel utterly hopeless, until one day, he was notified that he is permanently expelled from school. Albert felt as if he didn’t belong anywhere, and that his future is grim. Thanks to a single teacher who recognized his unique talent, Albert was convinced to not give up his great passion for science, to continue to explore and seek knowledge and eventually become the most influential scientist of all time.

Running Time: 70 minutes