Where Is The Sea?

Written by: Hanoch Reim
Translated by Hagar Raanan

Theater: Mediatheque Theatre

Playwright: Hanoch Reim; Director: Hanoch Reim; Music: Ya’ir Seri; Set & costumes design: Dalit Inbar; Lighting design: Dania Zemmer; Assistant director: Luba Reim

Age: 9 and up

Harvey and Simon build a model ship.
Now they want to launch it and send it off beyond the horizon.
Early in the morning they break the fence and escape.
The fact that they are people with mental disabilities makes their journey to the sea an exciting adventure.
outfitted with nothing but their friendship and innocence they cross the city, touching people’s lives and changing them forever.

Running Time: 55 minutes

Cast: Asaf Dgani; Dedi wiselberg; Hai Maor; Itsik Golan; Asaf Shatzberg; Shachar-Hila Maroz