Tiny Ocean

Theater: The Train Theater

Created by: Liat Shabtai & Maayan Resnick; Writing, Concept and Development: Liat Shabtai; Acting, manipulation, direction and design: Liat Shabtai & Maayan Resnick; Music, sound editing and lighting design: Dan Karger; Artistic Advisor: Marit Benisrael; Text: Tzipor Frumkin; Cover Photo: Eldad Maestro

Age: 3-9

Deep in the ocean, two tiny fish (one silver, one red) are off in search of a wonderful treasure hidden in a shipwreck. Will they find the treasure? Will they become friends? This funny and dangerous adventure takes place entirely underwater.
Two actresses play and invent a tiny ocean with 3 aquariums and fabrics. They create a world, tell a story and imagine an adventure.

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Running Time: 50 minutes